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Rich The Kid (@IAmRichTheKid) Talks Dabbin, His Childhood ...In the summer kitchen, we had an old, spring-loaded sofa, and my stepmother brought me to him ... I sat on a pile of bedding, and my stepmother sat next to her and caressed her breasts, kissed her on the lips ... I already answered my mother, though she put my hand herself on your bare chest. Each of our kisses, the caress of the arms of the breasts, they all lifted me and circled sweetly in pleasure, in bliss. I already didn’t think anything, I was just ashamed and good, good and ashamed. I wanted this sweet tenderness more and more. And my stepmother gave me all this now. They were already excited to the limit, first the stepmother, and then I, threw off a bunch of bedding, I lay on my back and the stepmother directly leaned over me and my hard nipples, began to rub against my nipples ... God! .. What goose bumps ran all over my body. Continuing to rub and kiss, our foreheads began to touch each other and, ... having untied the gown of a dressing gown and opened it, my stepmother began to kiss me lower and lower, whispering and repeating:
"Wow, panties through and through, and the stepmother began to take them off ... And then put her palms on her pubis, and slowly spread her wet click, looked at me, clung to the clitoris, but then the tongue slowly began to lead from the bottom of the click, because from the pussy a trickle of juice flowed out and the stepmother licked, and reaching the clitoris slowly, she ran the entire area of ​​the tongue along the clitoris head: - Well, okay? - asked the stepmother, giving me your finger wet juice of my pussy. "Yes, Mommy, very much," I replied, "More ..." "Of course! .." And the stepmother began to lick the clitoris ... And a wave of bright pleasure swept over me. I put my spread fingers into my hair and pressed my mother’s head to her pussy, and my mother’s tongue quickly fingered the clitoris and ... covered me, such an orgasm covered every cell that I was kicked out with a bridge, my stepmother held me and continued to lick me ... I already I began to feel, from such bliss, with a whole vagina - pussy - charm - pussy - pussy ... It seemed to me that I had failed or that this sofa had "left" somewhere under me, some kind of straight sweet dip in consciousness, or in the subconscious. My stomach muscles were still shuddering, my legs were trembling, and my stepmother was still examining my pussy ... And since I was 18 years old with a stepmother and told me: "I, Best Teen Porn Club as a mother, are pleased that you are still a girl ..." said the stepmother.
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