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C\u1ecf h\u00f4i Ageratum conyzoides L., thu\u1ed9c h\u1ecd C\u00fac \u2013 Asteraceae | FlickrMost of us choose only good, durable machines that consider harmonic fitting to be secondary. However, some of the following mistakes can cause malfunction after a few days of use or a rapid increase in electricity bills.
Collect hot and cold lumps in one room
This sounds funny but actually someone has made and call our counselor wondering why the air conditioner was installed without cooling.
Air conditioner has 2 sets of stools are hot and flax. When the chill activity is cooled down, the hot air is blown from the room to the outside. So if they are the builders they will always leave these two parts in two different places. If you deliberately install a room, the cooler blows out a part that blows hot air out. Therefore, the air conditioner does not have the effect of cooling and regulating the operation at full capacity as the machine is broken,
1 air conditioner for 2 rooms
Many people think that the two rooms are small, so it is possible to install a central air conditioner to save both air conditioning and electricity costs. But when shared, the cooling process will be slower. By principle, we should install air conditioning in the center of the room for efficient cooling.
When installing the wind between two propellers will be blocked between the two walls leading to waste. That is not to mention in case only want to use for a room is also impossible.
There are also some common mistakes after the air conditioning:
- Choosing the size of harmonic power is not appropriate for the room area: this leads to two cases or not enough room for cooling if the capacity is too small but wasted if the capacity is too large.
- Using a frame, inserting a poor quality base makes it easy to shake during operation to cause it to malfunction.
- The power source does not meet the technical standards such as size, thickness or twisted ... high fire risk.
- The location of the indoor unit is unreasonable causing the indoor unit to blow directly to the body, mua dieu hoa cu an phuc affecting the health or placing the indoor unit in a place with many obstructions, the hottest area will not ensure the indoor unit cool enough room.
- Outdoor unit installed in the location is too hot, direct sunlight blowing in, too close to the wall ... leading to the failure of equipment. Also do not install the outdoor unit and indoor unit too far apart.
The above are common mistakes when installing air conditioning. We need to know to avoid to ensure the durability of the machine and save electricity.
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