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Air conditioning does more than keep you cool

For most people, the most important function of the air conditioner is its cooling capacity. However, the cooling is in fact just one of the 3 important functions of an AC system. Here is a brief overview of these three functions.

COOLING - Cooling

Of course, keeping the air cool and comfortable is the top priority of any air conditioning system. Depending on the size of the space to be cooled and the architecture of the building, you can choose the right type of air conditioning: central air conditioning, window air conditioning, ... or for the court Large commercial houses often require special roof-top cooling systems to provide strong and reliable cooling.

DEHUMIDIFYING - Moisturizing

Another very important function of air conditioners is the desiccation of indoor air. Even in dry areas, humidity can get trapped inside a home, making indoor air more humid than outdoor air. Fortunately, the process of creating a cooled air in an air conditioner also drains the air. This dehumidification action is why regulators must have pipes to remove the water they condense out of the air.


Finally, air conditioning is very important for ventilation. Whether you have central air conditioning or a window or wall, your air conditioning will help circulate the air in your home to keep the space from feeling stifling.
You can even run your air conditioner on fan mode instead of cool mode if the indoor temperature is comfortable and you just want some fresh air to move through your home. By running the air conditioner on fan mode instead of opening the window, you will get the benefit of having a filter of the air conditioner capturing any outdoor dieu hoa nhat bai allergens such as pollen that may be trying to sneak in. .


If you are not fully satisfied with the cooling, dehumidifying or air conditioning equipment of the current air conditioner, please contact the professional staff of Refrigeration Electrical Engineering. We can test your entire air conditioning system to determine the cause of your dissatisfaction.
You can be confident that we provide truthful and accurate advice about the best action to solve a problem, whether it be buying a new air conditioner that matches the space. or your simple fix for your current air conditioner.
We look forward to serving you!
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