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No doubt air conditioning is a savior for those who live in the middle of summer. It is used for most of a long season, so unavoidably this electronic device may encounter some problems. One of the most used air conditioners is Mitsubishi which usually displays some error codes when there are any problems.
These are the 7 most common error codes that you can often see.
# 1: Error 403:
This code is displayed when there is an error in the connection between the circuit board of the air conditioner. You can check the details of the faults of the inverter, the transformer, the cables connected as well as the voltage to know the cause of the error.

# 2: Error 1102:
This error code is displayed when the compressor's discharge temperature is too high. This can really damage the device as it can damage the internal components. This code is displayed when the temperature exceeds 110 degrees Celsius. This can be a serious error code. You should immediately call the air conditioning repair service for inspection and repair.

# 1301:
This code is displayed when there is any error or error of low pressure. If your air conditioner is showing this code, call a reliable service company to fix your air conditioner. It needs proper maintenance and repairs to ensure that this error does not reappear.
# 4: Error A2:
This error is displayed when there is a problem in the transmitter processor. It is a hardware fault that causes a lot of problems. You must check the communication wires from where there are major errors. This is a big problem and in case of this error code you need professional repair service.

# 5: Error E0:
This error appears in string A and mainly occurs when there is mua dieu hoa cu an phuc error communicating with the remote control. In this case you have to check the wiring.
So, you should call a professional air conditioning repair unit in this case because he will understand the error and have the proper treatment next.

# 6: Error P5:
This error code is quite common in many air conditioners. It is a bug in the discharge line. When a very high level of condensation is detected, it may have been cut off, possibly due to blockage in the sewer or pump failure.
This problem is not large but can be avoided with maintenance and regular maintenance. If you are unfamiliar with repairing your air conditioner then it is best to rely on a professional service.

# 7: P4 Error:
This error is mainly related to sensor discharge error. When there are any problems or errors in the discharge sensor, this error code is displayed. You need to check the discharge pipe connection as soon as it displays such code to handle this error.
In case, the problem is quite complex and if you can not solve it then you need the help of a reliable and professional air-repair service.
Why choose the best service?
You need the best service to repair your Mitsubishi air conditioner. In order to get the best service, you have to research the reliable service providers with experienced technicians.
In addition, regular maintenance or maintenance is very important to ensure that your air conditioner works perfectly without any problems.
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