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Behind the steady growth of the world's leading air conditioner manufacturer - Daikin are two unique characteristics of Japan - "Diverse climate produces four distinct seasons" and "limited resources" .
"Japan" is considered to be a place of harsh environment, Daikin prides itself on pursuing the goal of producing high quality air conditioners that meet the different needs of users and pay close attention to details. from development to production.
• Daikin air conditioning technology is world class.
Located in the eastern part of mainland Asia, Japan has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.
Japan is a sprawling island nation, from north to south, surrounded by the sea. Northern Hokkaido is located in the subtropics, with temperatures dropping below 0 degrees in winter, while Okinawa in the south is in the subtropics with high temperatures throughout the year. Also, the climate varies greatly depending on whether you are in the Pacific Ocean or the Sea of ??Japan and in different regions.
Daikin air conditioners have evolved to respond to such diverse climates.

Japan depends on other countries for energy supply, due to their limited resources. As a result, Japanese manufacturing has minimized the impact on the environment by focusing on the optimal consumption of fuel in cars and the consumption of energy in consumer electronics.
Normally, mua diều hòa cũ an phúc air conditioning system will cool the entire building, including rooms.
To create a comfortable environment using lower energy, we have come up with the idea of ??using only air-conditioned rooms when needed.
Inverters are energy-saving technologies that eliminate wasteful operation in the air conditioner by controlling the speed of the engine efficiently.
When compared to inverter air conditioners, inverter air conditioners consume less than 30% of energy.

Diverse and limited Japanese resources have led to the birth of Daikin technology, a Japanese brand. Daikin will continue to provide this technology to people all over the world in different countries to live their daily lives more comfortably.
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